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WE'RE ALL THE PEOPLE OF KURGAN Sept.3, 2011 - World is changing... yes, yes.. you know already this song. But more than the climatic change, there is an event completely fun that at terrificator's, we want to share with you: have you ever dream that a russian prime minister, ancian former president could enjoy and play a remake of the american movie "Easy Rider"? No, surely not, only in some foolish dream. Uhm, think it now... your dream is from now a reality!

On the end of August, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has played a reprise of "Easy Rider" on his Harley Davidson heading a column of 50 bikers for a rid in Novorossisk. Last year V.Putin also performed a ride in Sevastopol and more recently he joined some Balkan bikers for a trip to Serbia.The Night Wolves riders group is regarded as the country's top biker. They are known also for organising rock-concerts and festivals and during this summer on August 29, the Aria stage has welcome V.Putin who showed up on the scene among rockers and heavy-metalists. This festival took place on the biggest USSR's cruiser for a patriotic rock concert... More than climatic changes, World is changing ... and mixting too, surely.

For somes ones, P.M. V.Putin and Russia are seen as the devil... It is not our goal here to speak or to defend a politic block against another, no surely not... but is some reader here knows that the ancestor of our devil and great-beyond has been created by the antic "russians" i.e. "the People of Kurgan" who are at the premiss of the western civilization and also of a great part of the eastern ones?

And so, around four millenia B.C. some hordes of riders coming from the south of the present Russia, a vast area including the basins of Dniepr and Donetz, the low valley of the Volga and the steppes of Kazakhstan, surged through the valleys of Caucasus in the green plains of Iran. Other tribes went towards Greece and Anatolia and others pushed towards the south of Scandinavia and Finland and reached the British Isles around 2000 B.C. They were dressed with breeches and bonnets. They rode small horses and drew carriages where were wifes, children and furnitures. These emigrants were warriors and pastors so called the "people of Kurgan" (from the Russian word meaning "hillock").This vast invasion repeated several times at later dates and constitutes one of the major events of humanity. It is that one of the Indo-Europeans invasion so called because of their common languages deriving from the Sanskrit.

Indeed European languages as German, Latin, Greek, French, English, Armenian, Norwegian and Lithuanian stem from the Sanskrit. The Kurgan invasions have founded the origins of the cultures of today from Vladivostok to Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro and also those ones of Paris, Rome and Athens. The enormous block of cultures and beliefs which is called the "West" is made up thanks to this colonization.

Despite their tribal organization, the people of Kurgan arrived with a social organization, a technique and a religion already structured. Technologically, they knew the wheel and the river navigation and also the plough. They plowed already the ground to cultivate cereals and made flour. Philosophically they believed in the immortality of the soul and in a life in the great-beyond where reigned a male god carrying an axe or an hammer and entrusted to the deads' care. They also adored a mother goddess.

A vast part of our system of interpretation of the universe, divinities included, together with the foundation of god and evil would have never existed without the possession by the "people of Kurgan" of almost the whole Europe and an important part of Asia.

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