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RITUAL FOR THE NEW YEAR Every new year is full of hope and good feelings and wishes.

If often, the end of the year is heavy to your heart, with the passage to the new year, you are calling for a better life.

After the excesses of the table of the last days of December, for leaving the sadness of the previous year, which most beautiful message for preparing a new world, than performing a benefit ritual on the first days of the year.

Its aims should be to bring back hope slowly and gently, to help you to prepare a better future.


For this, simply, invite friends to your table.

The only conditions should be:

Invitation has to be made no longer than 3 days after New Year's Eve,
Among the guests, 2 ones have not to belong to your household,
There would be an elder and the other, a young person,
Both wise, esteemed, advised and sincere.

These special guests will be placed at each end of the table.
It is of great importance that you select the characters
Around your table, because their behaviour will determine
If you are going to live in a positive or negative way this year.

On the table, they will be also two candles, white and natural,
The meal should be good with some wine, without any excess.
At the center, you should put oranges and nuts to divide .
One will avoid disputes and gossips.

If despite everything, some bad subjects or inside rancours occurred,
Well then, unfortunately, the next months will be sullied...
And something negative could happen in the course of the year.

On the contrary, if this particular moment reveals pleasant, full
of wisdom and friendness, without any mockery and scandal-mongering,
The new year should be at the image of this special moment.

Good feast!
Shall the New Year be better for all my little creatures!

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