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THE GREAT ILLUSION or Adolf Hitler’s models

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May 12th, 2015 - Technologies of the virtual world characterize our era. 15 years ago, for many people, virtual reality technologies appeared as a sweet illusion because unable to connect to physical reality. 15 years later, technologies of the virtual world are well implanted in our reality and influence it. The illusion is become creative.

But is it the role of the illusion to influence and construct reality? our reality?

And yes, because forever, illusion is used to build real.. Since times, politicians are used to create ideas for selling illusions to people, then to offer them disillusionment.

Also the perception we have of our own identity (that can be an illusion) contributes to build our own character. Plato described the myth of the cave of Socrates: we all live in a dark cave and consider as real the shadows looming on the walls of the cave in which we are trapped. Since prehistoric times, humans forge ideas to avoid to be afraid of the world that surrounds them because they are afraid of what they cannot control and understand.

With the 60 years commemoration of the end of World War II in Europe, it is easy for many TV producers and newsmen seeking for audience to put Hitler, Goebbels, Goerings, etc. at all the sauces as an evil genius accompanied by an horde of auxiliaries of Satan. Narrow minds still need to have a simple worldview. World and its interactions are more complex.

Who would believe that Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Goering and Adolf Hitler himself liked some Jews after the First World War
and took them as models to shape their character and build the illusion of the 3rd Reich? And yet ...

"Though Lang was Jewish, his films were admired by Goebbels. After seeing M (1931), Goebbels wrote : "fantastic... well made. Lang will be our director one day." ... "For Goering, it was his second wife, Emmy Sonnemann, actress who persuaded to try and aid Henny Porten, one of the UFA’s biggest stars, whose husband Doctor Wilhem von Kaufmann, was Jewish..." (Goering and Goering: Hitler’s Henchman and his anti-Nazi Brother by James Wyllie).

And Hitler himself, at his times, admired the Jewish actor Erich von Stroheim for his portrayal of the German officer from the First World War whose interpretation was at its peak in the "Grand Illusion" (1937), with the archetypal Teutonic Captain von RAUFFENSTEIN. (During a long part of his life, Eric Von stroheim told he was the Count Erich Oswald Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim und Nordenwall, from Austrian high line). Disappointed by the cowardice of some officers and the surrender of Germany while he was a soldier during the First World War, Hitler did not want that someone may touch the Jew actor who represented so well the greatness of the german army.

If Nazis respected the illusion created by Eric Von Stroheim, it was not the same for Billy Wilder, German film producer and Jew who denounced the false legend of Eric von Stroheim. At his times, in the USA, he publicized that Eric Von Stroheim was not a real Count but in reality the son of an Hungarian Jew hat maker, Benno Stroheim, and that his real name was not Eric von Stroheim but in reality Eric Oswald Stroheim. Some kind of humiliation...

Illusion when you hold us... we may build an entire world... as real as a house of cards.

At’s, we know every day that reality can be worse than your worst nightmare !

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