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Dec. 17th, 2015 - Hello, dear creatures, today a new spell for improving your Health. We will try to help you get rid of anger (sometimes justified) that is inside you before it explodes and harms you. How? it is quite simple. Just you be careful, patient and good with your hands.

The world around you got you down a little more every day? May be because you’re jobless or you undergo hassle with colleagues or family’s members or neighbors or simply because of the constraint of rules that you do not approve anymore or because more generally because of events or politicians or governments you feel responsible for your distress and dispair because of their incapacity... Well, before you leave your anger bursting against yourself (depression) or against others (violence), here’s a simple spell to operate in order you find again peace in your heart.

Make with your hands a doll of your size with solid fabrics. Do not customize the dummy, it must not represent someone you know: it must be anonymous. It not the aim here to create a voodoo doll : it is only a vaguely human shape. Put it in a safe place (a closet or a barn for example). Do not use hollow object to make your dummy because nothing in it shall be broken: it must be flexible and resistant. The easiest way is to stuff it with straw, fabric scraps, foam, etc ...

Well, from now, every time you feel angry, ready to explode, to be violent, get out your dummy of its hiding place and ... kick it strongly with a stick. If you can, go to a quiet corner and scream your anger while giving out sticks. Only stop when you cannot do it anymore! After this exercice, you will come out exhausted! Then, go to wash away all the bad moods and sweat that came out of you!

Repeat this exercice as many times as you want. Simply, don’t forget to maintain you dummy in a correct way repairing the holes caused by the sticks. And above all, be secret about this exercice, don’t call for witnesses. It’s a private spell for exorcizing your anger and inner demons and not a show.

Some recommend hitting trees rather than a dummy. Well, we at’s, we don’t agree because trees are our protector friends and we must respect them as inhabitants of the earth as we are.

I know my value
I’m stronger every day
Because I can get rid of my anger
My sufferings will not destroy me
On the contrary, they make me stronger