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Life is full of fears and crisis of all types and many people could need a special protection. And so for celebrating this new year, at’s we have a special gift for people who believe in supernatural. Here are spells for conjuring bad spirits and devils and offering the livings persecuted a rather secure protection.

The spells above have been written by Alibek the Egyptian, surnamed also Antonio Venitiana del Rabina and is extracted from the book "The Red Dragon" called also "The True Red Dragon". In Haiti, this book is revered among many practitioners of Vodou and Santeria. Eliphas Levi himself said that it pretends to confer the Power of Projection, the great Mystery of the Sages...

Spell in latin:
"Citasio Praedictorum Spirituum
Ubi quem volueris spiritum, hujus nomen ed officium supra cognosces :
imprimis autem ab omni pollutione minimum tres vel quatuor
dies mundus esto in prima citatione, sic
et spiritus postea obsequentiores erunt;
fac et circulum, et voca spiritum cum multa intentione
primum vero annulum in manu continetur:
inde hanc recitato benedictionem tuo nomine et socii, si praesto fuerit;
et effectum lui instituti sortieris, nec detrimantum è spiritibus senties:
imo tuae animae perditionem."

Spell in english:
"Spell for conjurating bad spirits
O very powerful father!
O mother, the sweeter mother of all ones!
O wonderfull example of the feelings and the tenderness of the mothers!
O son, the flower of all sons!
O forms of all the forms, Soul, Mind, Harmony and Number of all things,
Protect us, preserve yourself, lead to us and be favourable for us.

Happy daily life for all my creepy creatures and protect yourselves!