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Jan. 13th, 2019 – In our previous report Human fundamentals and Baphomet we wrote : «...there are found indications of a doctrine which is everywhere the same and everywhere carefully concealed ».

This is especially true for two main symbols of life and death.

The Ankh cross

The Ankh represents the cosmic knot, the life principle. It is the antenna by which the deities named Neterou create, work, or destroy. Toth, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Bastet, Maat, Seth, Re, Khepri, Bes are some of the deities from the divine energy named Neter. The curved handle is the receiving element, it embodies the universe. The tau is the emitting element, in the form of T it represents the man (divinities resulting from the divine energy named Neter). It is the link between the right and even the right angle and the curve, the inanimate and the living, the symmetrical and the asymmetrical, the soul and the body. Also called key of life, the Ankh is used during magic rites and the meaning of the ritual changes according to its color: white, silver, black, oxidized silver, yellow, gold, green or blue and the called deity.

The Christian cross

One of the peculiarities of this symbol is its resemblance to a human figure with outstretched arms. With its four orientations, the cross is a symbol of quaternity, but its center introduces a fifth dimension, the primitive relationship between the terrestrial world and the celestial one. The Christian cross symbolizes the conjunction of opposites, it does not connect but brings together different worlds and states. Originally an instrument of torture and death, it became among Christians -because of the resurrection of Christ- the symbol of eternal life. The cross is used also in magic rituals of protection and when it is inverted, in rituals of

If they both propose eternal life, the path to reach it is different: the Ankh proposes to protect during the passage between our world and the great beyond, the Cross proposes to pass in the great beyond but under an immaterial form (the body disappearing then, remains the soul). For one, it is important to keep the carnal envelope to go through, for the other, the carnal envelope becomes dust and it is its immaterial form that joins the great beyond.

The two symbols have the same common divisor which is the human figure whether it is T-shaped (Ankh) or an elongated + (Christian cross). The human figure is in balance and is himself equilibrium of forces. But the two symbols have differences:

- The first symbol represents the human as transmitter-receiver thanks to the tau.

 The second sees the man connecting different planes and points, it is a kind of connector.

The center of the two symbols is associated with Mystery. People practicing rituals around the Ankh, do not need intermediaries, because already transmitters they just need to know the specific rituals. The people practicing rituals around the Cross (using by example the Pope Honorius Book of spells, Voodoo, Candomblé…) must either seek an intermediate priest, or learn by themselves the whole mystery
and its ritual, in order that from simple receiver they become "transmitter".

The search for esoteric groups around the world essentially aims to control the "transmitting" part regardless of their cultural influence.

The Universe is in equilibrium ; therefore He that is
without it, through his force be a feather, can
overturn the Universe.
Be not caught within that web, O child of Freedom !
Be not entangled in the universal lie, O child of
SAMSON (The Book of Lies)
Aleister Crowley

At’s, we know every day that reality can be wider than you imagine!

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