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WICCA AND WHITE MAGIC Wicca comes from neopaganism i.e. it considers that each man can communicate with the world of spirits and can trust with the natural forces.

Wiccans believe into a main vital energy which animates all things. Wiccans are animists. The spirit, the force and the inside energy can be handled thanks to the white magic. Wiccans practise a good magic in accordance with the principles and the laws of nature.

They believe that god makes entirely part of nature and so, they are also pantheists. They are also polytheists because in their opinion, god is complex into his demonstrations. They refute absolutely the existence of the Devil and Evil.

According their worship, they think that an androgynous entity existed before the creation of universe and participated actively to the creation of our world. in the past, this female entity received numerous names of famous godnesses: Athena, Diana, Gaia, Isis, Venus... The priests are mainly priestesses

Numerous wiccan worships exists around the world. The Luciferian (lucifer i.e. carrier of light, in latin) wicca has nothing to see with a "satanic worship": it's mainly based on a male/female equality and complementary worship.

Wicca is based on the ambivalence of the raw forces. It is the worship of the union of the contraries (as the Yin / the moon and the Yang / the Sun).

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