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APOCALYPSE IS NOW March 29, 2020 - In these bad times, it is good to get closer to the ancient texts whatever our membership and our religion or not. The Bible has long been excellently the "Book of Books". It remains today the best-selling book of all time and the only one that has been translated into more than a thousand languages and dialects.

It is one of the most important witnesses to the ancient culture of the Middle East and to the extent Christianity which played a role in the development of Western civilization as one of its most influential elements. The Bible is not the work of a man but a collection or rather a choice of prophetic, historical or poetic texts which were written over several centuries and in several languages. In these troubled times when governments and money are powerless to solve an epidemic never known for almost a hundred years, we saw fit to refer to certain prophetic passages from the Bible including the very controversial "BOOK IX" referring to the apostle Saint John exiled in the Isle of Pathos where it is said that he had several revelations including that one of the Apocalypse. (nota : For traditional canons of the christian Church, this text is an apocryphal Testament. The fact remains that this writing seems to be the prophecy of the sad contemporary reality)

After several revelations including the famous "beast with seven feet and ten horns", Saint John saw seven angels carrying seven golden bowls full of divine anger which they poured out on the earth to avenge the honor of God outraged and the blood spread on earth by the malice of men...

Transported into the desert, John saw a woman dressed in purple and scarlet, adorned with gold and precious stones. On his forehead he read her name: "Mystery. Mother of prostitutes and abominations of the earth." It was the great Babylon ... An angel came down from the sky and cried out : "She fell, the great Babylon, she fell!.. She has become a dwelling place for demons, a den for any unclean spirit, a den for any unclean and detestable bird. Indeed, all the nations drank wine from the fury of her prostitution, the kings of the earth gave themselves up to her with immorality and the merchants of the earth were enriched thanks to the excess of her luxury. ... "On this day, the kings of the earth who lived with her in delight will weep and will fall and strike with the breast, seeing the smoke of her kindling. They will stand away from her and say: "Woe! misfortune! O Babylon, the greatest, the most powerful of cities, your condemnation has come..."

Also, another great prophetic message extract :

"The merchants of the earth also cry and mourn because of it, because no one buys their cargo, cargo of gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, fine linen, purple, silk, scarlet, all kinds of sweetwood, all kinds of ivory, very precious wood, bronze, iron and marble, cinnamon, spices, perfumes, myrrh, frankincense, wine, oil, fine flour, wheat, oxen, sheep, horses, chariots, bodies and human souls."... "The fruits that you deeply desired went away from you; all these riches and splendors are lost to you and you will never find them again".

It's seem in the Bible that the announced Apocalypse was necessary for the renew of Humanity.

At Terrificator's we know that nowadays reality is worse that your worst nightmare.

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