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THE HEAD WHO REFUSED TO DIE Dec 29, 2019 - DENVER, Colorado.

Shannon Malloy was critically injured in January 2007 when a car crash slammed her into the dashboard. Her skull separated from her spine, although her skin, spinal cord and other internal organs remained intact.

The rare condition is known clinically as internal decapitation, and it left her with no control over her head. Her injuries left Malloy with nerve damage that made her eyes cross, and she has difficulty swallowing. She was not paralyzed.

Dr. Gary Ghiselli, an orthopedic spine surgeon said a will to survive kept Malloy, 30, alive long enough for surgeons to insert screws in her head and neck and attach a halo to minimize movement.

"My skull slipped off my neck about five times," Malloy said. "Every time they tried to screw this to my head, I would slip." Finally, her head has been stabilized and strengthened to her neck. It is very rare that an human being survives to decapitation and surgeons even spoke about a kind of miracle!

This true event records the old horror american movie of the fithties' "BRAIN DIE".

Who has said that horror movies are not real but only fantasy for kids? This true event shows the contrary.

As you see, daily life can be worse than your worst nightmare!

I, Terrificator, wishes at your brain a New Year full of unending Hopes, dear little creatures!

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