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Oct. 24th, 2019 - Live forever. This is the dream of every human being! The symbolism of the vampire who must not perish to sleep the day in a coffin filled with the land that saw him born when he was still a human being ...

The earth, Gaļa, is a circle, the eternal beginning of Ouroboros, the Snake eating itself by the nail, symbol of infinity and wholeness.

The cell is the life that all living beings share, from the worm to the human being.

We are worms!

The earth is our cradle!

The earth is not decay but communion. Each cell must return to the nourishing land.

It's not unreason but experience.

If a man was created on a part of the earth, he must feed his cells with the fruits of that same earth.

If he feeds on artifacts, he will destroy himself.

Chemistry can not replace the living; it is only a part of it.

"Vague and mysterious and all indefinite
are the contents of this new consciousness;
yet they are somehow vital. By use they become luminous.
Unreason become Experience"

Aleister Crowley
The Book of Lies (1913)

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