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Sept. 09, 2019 - We already talked about THE NEW ANTHROPROCENE ERA where we report what scientists said already in 2008 : "men have so much transformed the planet that we have changed era: we are now entering a new geological one".

Well, 20 years later, the case is not over!

Very likely unsatisfied with having not transformed entirely the living matter, now men are transforming themselves more and more thanks to medical technology. Implants of all kinds are fashionable and are now the ultimate dream of life of young people looking for a commercial beauty that will allow them to be famous and/or to access a better social condition. It has become commonplace on all continents.

In Brazil, to go out poverty, beauty is at all costs for every parts of the body : mouths, breasts, cellulite scrub ... And the Carnival helping, the hope for many poor brazilian people is that their new body will attract and titillate some rich tourists.

In the West, some mindless reality TV show voluntarily choose young candidates whose pre-teens are big fans. Some ones will end up as models or muses of some big media influencers. The smartest ones will find rich partners as an ultimate golden dream and will go on all their live erasing wrinkles and cellulite to better play the inflatable doll they are pitifully become.

And when their exhausted bodies filled with latex will become too puffy, they will be thrown out and replaced by a new doll or else, they will play at their turn with a younger inflatable doll to console themselves for becoming old and ugly.

At terrificator.com's, we know every day that reality is worse than your worst nightmare!

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