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July 18th, 2019 - This morning, it is announced 21C in a city of Greenland: in short, it is the pole the colder of the northern hemisphere which is melting. And it's the panic in some European media, particularly in France, normally in temperate climates, where for several weeks now, the state of heat wave is confirmed and will still be gone again several weeks.

No, it's not a science fiction story, it's the reality that Piero San Giorgio had already envisioned in his book "Surviving" (2011). Already, he mentioned the problems that the world was going to face in the next 10 years: overpopulation, shortages, climate disruptions, declining food production and drinking water supply, unbridled globalization, states huge debts ... Also, 8 years ago, it was Times Magazine which posed the problem: how the citadel Europe was going to survive to migrant waves from Africa. Also, yesterday another tv news announced that French cheeses based on raw milk are now banned because "toxic" for many young European children who are no longer born with the necessary immune defenses to fight against normal common bacteria.

It seems in the light of this ambient catastrophy that we are at the End of the World! It seems so close that some prophets already announce the extinction of the human species in the next 40 years.

Certainly, a certain decline is to be envisaged but not an extinction because who says extinction says complete disappearance of a species. However, the human species is full of resources and not only technological.

The extinction will not be pronounced because there exists in the world some human beings possessing almost original primary human cell strains very resistant because not contaminated by the environment and pollution. These are mainly indigenous populations in some parts of the world whose environments are extreme and severe, people who in the continuity of their ancestors were born in extreme environment areas and never moved since generations. They are the populations born and living in Siberia, Himalaya, Arizona Desert, Andean Cordillera, Gobi Desert and others ones... The resistant physiological characteristics of their cells have been developped because they have faced extreme temperature or pressure, undergone little human mixing and are used to feed themselves with local raw products since generations. Their cells are little altered, they are not contamined by alcohol, sodas, junk food, air conditioner, industrial, petroleum and chemical products... so appreciated by the western consumer society

In the same way that a natural selection is taking place among the diversity of plants, animals and insects, it is the same for men. Like the dwarf Chihuahua that would disappear in favor of the Mastiff, because of severe environment adversity, the diversity of the human population will be reduced by eliminating the weaker ones. The human species will thus gradually return to the original strains primitive men from whom it came thousands of years before it swarmed onto the world.

At terrificator.com's, we know every day that reality is worse than your worst nightmare ! ... but men! a little hope may survive!

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