June 13th, 2018 - Help! Herr Doctor Mabuse is back!

This is how, under the guise of humanistic values and thanks to the help of some NGO, the terrible plan of somes billionaires, who want to change the world in a terrible way.

Under the guise of humanitarian aid funds (Open Society) and thanks to a maritine fleet, the billionaire György Soros, wants to transform the world by removing borders. Before being a "philanthropist", he was notoriously known because he became rich by his speculation activities on stocks and currencies. He has chosen Europe as laboratory because it is the territory which is more advanced about social, freedom and democracy which make it weaker for voracious and ambitious businessmen whose ultimate goal is to model the world in their image.

The Soros Foundation is lobbying strongly with the European Parliament:
1 - György Soros wants to force Brussels to install at least in the European Union one million immigrants per year from Africa and the Middle East.
2 - György Soros, along with the Brussels leaders, also plans that EU member states, dismantle border protection fences and open their borders to immigrants.
3 - Part of the Soros plan postulates that immigrants arriving in Western European countries will be distributed by Brussels in all EU countries, therefore also in Eastern European countries.
4 - As part of the Soros plan, Brussels should oblige all Member States, to provide € 30,000 in aid to all registered migrants.
5 - György Soros also wants migrants to receive lighter sanctions for their crimes than natives.
6 - An objective of the Soros plan is to put the language and culture of the European countries in the background in order to allow the faster integration of illegal immigrants.
7 - Another point of the Soros plan is to launch a severe political attack against countries that deny migrants and punish them with severe penalties.
(Source: Magyar Idok 2017)

Under the guise of humanism, the ultimate goal of György Soros is a large single market (globalization) with cheap labor, underdeveloped culturally and intellectually and therefore malleable and exploitable at will, for maximum profit for the benefit of a few families holding the money power and controlling the world.

With money, all people can be corrupted : politicians as Presidents! and it is easy when you are rich because all people has a price.

And so, Mr Soros is going to succeed in his enterprise because Europe, which was once a prosperous area, is gradually sinking into a nameless slump (increase in job seekers, dissension between European countries, decline in the Euro, loss of influence of European culture ...). After, Mr Soros and his fondation "OpenSociety" will try to extend their plan to other territories.

At's, we know that reality is worse than your worst nightmare! Welcome in the true world!

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