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SORCERS, WITCHES AND WICCANS Before industrial civilization were SHAMANS. They were sorcers and doctors into tribes. They brought knowledge and health thanks to natural sciences. They played a social role as regulator and mediator. Their science came from natural and human observations.

Their social difference appeared with technology and science evolution.Because humans erected scientific dogmas, natural science got apart. Little by little they appeared repelling because strange. We are so used nowadays to take chemical medecine as a normal way of life because we have forgotten natural one.

And as in the Medium Age, we go on judging those who do not seem to us and who act in a different mode. Sorcers and witches are independent persons. They can appear strange because they can be either simple-mind people or on the contrary, too intelligent. They donít like to mixt themselves into human society or acting in a determinated social way. They claim to be free and are proud to be so. They like to live alone or simply apart. Because they appreciate nature, they like animals and prefer them to human beings. If your want to approach them, please no need to believe in phantasmagoria, only try till you can tamed them.

Sorcers and witches are not linked to horror, movies fantasy and devil. They are simple persons as you are. The only difference is that they possess the keys to live in peace with their mind without fears and materialist believes that stress you and avoid you to enjoy life.

Be only carefull to the kind of magic they practice: white magic or black one. How recognizing them?

They have a nice influence on people and animals. They practice natural and good medecine for helping not destroying. They have a simple looking and avoid honors and advertising.

They act on the contrary of the previous ones. They research honors and power obviously. They are used to fear and profit from human vanity and credulity for reinforcing their own power and glory. The pentagram they used and displaid is reversed.

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