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HORROR, DEATH and SYMBOLISM Nov. 19, 2015 - On Friday, November 13, 8 terrorists claiming to the Islamic State perpetrated attacks caused 129 deaths and 352 injuries in Paris. Shootings and explosions occured around 09:00 PM in several districts of Paris.

The newspapers described a lot the horrors of these attacks and so, it is not the purpose of Terrificator to make buzz in the horrible but only to talk today about the symbolism conveyed by these deadly acts.

When symbolic is particularly linked to numbers, there is never a coincidence ...

The attacks took place on a Friday 13. For some people, Friday the 13th is a lucky day and it is necessary to bet on these days, for others, on the contrary, it is a day of evil, and it is better to not leave home. Are they only superstitions?

At terrificator.com's, we'll answer no, they are not only superstitions, simply no... because there is always another reading of events.

For Christians, 13 symbolizes the 13th apostle around Christ at the Last Supper: he is Judas, the 13th, who will betray and sell Christ to 30 denier and at his death, then hang full of remorse.
-->The terrorists who have attacked France being French, it is a betrayal as in the case of Judas.

Always for Christians, Christ died on a Friday. Some religious and geologic conjunctions assert that Christ died on Friday, April 3 of the year 33 AD.
-->The terrorists being Muslim extremists chose Friday for performing death among Christians in the same manner Christ was killed by crucifixion and died this particular day.

The terrorists attacks began around 9 PM: in the ancient eastern symbolism, the figure of "9" refers to the "9 arches" which is an ancient Egypt term representing the traditional enemies of Egypt. Pharaonic tombs were often engraved with the 9 arches symbols, a way of indicating that the dead had vanquished his enemies in his lifetime.
--> The terrorists from arab origins chose this time slot, traditional schedule for outdoor fun (cafes, restaurants, theater ...) to crush those they consider as their enemies.

After these attacks, the day of Friday 13 will remain for ever a particularly bad day for French people but we have to moderate it.
-->Indeed, according to the judgment of the Tarot, the 13th blade which is represented by Death despite its adverse symbolic, is not a card that announces the end of all things but rather a rebirth, something new, an event that will call for change.

As you see, all daily events have their symbolism. Every people had signs around him/her that could guide and safe their life. Only it is necessary to read and interpret the signs.

At terrificator.com's, we know that daily life is worse than your worst nightmare! Meanwhile, we remain, your Terrific yours...

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