WATER AND SALT AS LIFE AND DEATH PRINCIPLES July 6th, 2015 - In Chinese symbolism, yin and yang represent a couple of cosmic opposites. The symbolic representation of these two elements is the circle, primary image of unity. The symbol of the Yin and Yang expresses the separation of the two poles but also their mutual complementarity. There is no antagonism but complementarity to support life.

And so, all things and phenomena that govern life on earth have two faces: one Yin and the other, Yang. Life is defined by comparison with death. Relief is perceived because compared to pain. Happiness is compared to unhappiness, day compared to night, good compared to wrong and so on... Thus all perceptible phenomena that we study thanks to science, philosophy, art, politics, economy ... can be expressed in terms of Yin and Yang. And so, antagonism is thus necessary to the harmony of our world, an extreme always appearing for regulating an opposite one.

There are two elements that symbolize this principle of harmony which are sources of life: they are water and salt. Since times, we find salt and water in many myths and rites around the world.

Water is the quintessential symbol of all forms of life on earth and is found in numerous myths of the creation of the world but also of destruction (flood). We know the importance of the ritual ablutions of some ancient Aztec priest-kings ; also, it's well known the importance of baptism and holy water among Catholics... The belief of the ritual water is sharing by many people of different cultures and religions around the world.

In the Bible, salt is the principle of God's love but is also something that kills and prevents the earth to produce fruit (Abimelech spread salt over the ruins of Shechem to make it sterile forever). The ancient Greeks, Romans, Hebrews and Muslims were used to put salt in the rites of offerings (the sharing of the salt also called salt of the covenant). From the point of view of alchemy, the term "salt" is the third original principle that among other things enables to link several principles.

The harmony generated by salt and water is the very principle of the creation and preservation of life except that from now on, these two principles seem gradually to turn themselves against life itself :

- In the inside principle of life of the man, himself:
As electrolyte, sodium balance inside our body contributes to our health (muscles, blood, brain, cells ...). But the excessive sodium consumption by cause of the food industry, is increased a health hazard (obesity,cardiovascular problems, infertility ...).

- In the principle of life of the planet:
Rising oceans. Spreading of the deserts. Acid rains. Salt storms. Extreme weather (rain, storms, extreme temperatures, gradual disappearance of the temperate climate ...).

Thunderstorms that once were heralding of good rains are now becoming threats, too. Because the purity of the water is no more renewing because of the pollution everywhere and drought increasing water evaporation, there are more and more storms carrying and spreading chemical salts. The combination of these elements makes chemical threats clouds (rains full of chloride, acids, pesticides, antibiotics...). If we remember that since immemorial time, storms are considered as a sign of the divine manifestation, well then, it seems that the Divine wants to punish men.

Salt and water have broken the principle of Ying /Yang. As a result these two elements that once were principles of life are turning into principles of death. The harmony they carry since times has been reversed to become the announcement of upset and destruction.

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