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THE BLOODY COUNTESS Donít laught about vampires, theyíre not only part of your fantasy. Indeed, itís only their form which changes. They live perfectly amongts us since centuries. The difference between moviesí fancy and reality is that they are as normal as you. Donít believe it? Letís read what follows...

The bloody countess or the beast with 600 victims

Erzsebet Bathory, born from a famous and noble progeny, got married in 1575. She was of an exceptional beauty. When she died in 1610, she left more than 600 corpses and a lost of unknown and disapeared ones.

Growing in beauty, she married Ferencz Nadasdy, noble warrior and devout. When she because widow, all her fierceness exploded and changed in atrocities. Corpses scattered her 17 castles, even at her Viennaís palace. Erzsebet was possessed with sanguinary madness. After her husband died, she became blood-thirsty and change into what we can called a ďvampireĒ. Her bloody frenzy came at first when she discovered that some drops of blood left her skin softer and suppler. She had a female advicer with a whitch reputation. She recruited hundreds of servants in the whole country who were regularly replace. They were hang at hooks into the vaults, she plunged her hands with delight into their lively bowels.

Somes days, corpses were so numerous that she did not know where to hide them. It was told that once her daughter and son-in-law were visiting her... she had to cram some corpses under the bed... Sometimes, she forgot them completely. They stunk so much that the castles were infected and putrid...

Around her proprietaries, rumors and suspiscion were for years and countrymen refused that their daughters would be recruited as servants for Erzesebet. But she was untouchable because of her noble and high status... and all things went on for years and years with new maids engaged in all Europe. Erzesebet was insatiable!

But it was her stronger and stronger appetite for blood that lost her. Some lords went on stirred and an investigation was lead by a tribunal composed of lords and churchmen. They sentenced her punishment: jailed and walled for life in her favourite castle, some kind of being lively buried.

The myth of vampire comes from ages and so, it cannot be dissociated from the fear of death. For ever, human beings remain poor creatures searching for ever immortality.

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