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THE WITCH OF MODERN TIMES Feb. 14th, 2015 - Many people see the witch as a discipline of an old pagan religion. Many people like the image of a witch as the following standard Image:

1 - The witch is a woman.
2 - The witch is an old crone with warts or an extremely sexy girl.
3 - The witch pacted with the devil.
4 - She holds her donations from family heirloom.
5 - She has the power to get what she wants.
6 - She has the power to disturb men.
7 - She casts spells.
8 - She has an intuitive gift to gauge a person or situation before knowing.
9 - She has a familiar demon who took the appearance of a pet.
10 - She knows potions to give to people who visit her.

OK, according to this description, the Witch is real.

Basil Zaharoff (born Basileios Zacharias Zacharoff, 1849 – 1936) was a Greek-born arms dealer. Industrialist and philanthropist, he was one of the richest men in the world during his lifetime, including the greatest “merchant of death”. He has the best recognition of France and Great Britain that made him "Knight of the Legion of Honour" and "Knight of the British Empire". He was also matchmaker of gorgeous women, asserting he considers them as "witches" : "Women are the best allies. They may do to a man everything else that I cannot reach him to do."

Why do you thing a man say a thing like this? Simply because, he hnows that the most important thing in a man is his ego. When you understand this, you understand that the "magic" depends on an emotional response rather than an intellectual approach.

A man's worth can be your greatest ally, and even the most pompous idiots can become invaluable. When you understand this precept, everyone can be "manipulated".

Inventing lies to stick to your truth, imposing your own vision, here is manipulation for being powerfull.

There is no need to look far to find out where the greatest manipulators are. It's simple, you watch them every day at the TV: plenty of men and women good-talkers or simply so handsome and sexy. Look no further, witches are your companions at home, they manipulate you since your birth, they are Mr. and Mrs. TV. The small screen is at the service of those who enslave you.

Today, the witch is become a virtual reality: TV is the witch of the modern times. It uncultures you the messages that those who govern --or are well ranked for governing in the future- want to teach you. Whitout cultural references, you are bewitched because TV witches know as formating empty brains.

When watching tv news, remember simply this ancient proverb :

"Lie to a liar are his coin;
Steal from at thief, 'tis easy you'll find;
Trick a trickster and win the first time-
But beware of the man who has no axe to grind."

One of the biggest lie that media succeeded to convey worlwide is that one in 2003 of the supposed Chemical Weapons hold by Iraq. This lie created both by the Bush Administration and Great Britain justified the invasion of Iraq led by the United States on March 20, 2003. It's a good example of how a lie well orchestrated in the media may serve for justifying a war.

At's, we know every day, that daily reality is worse that your worst nightmare.

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