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MAGIC, SUPREMACY AND DIVINE Jan.17, 2015 - According Giordano BRUNO (1548-1600), Italian, Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician and magician, Magic is a legitimate and important discipline capable of acting on several levels. Referring on the religion of the Egyptians, he wrote that magic is divine when it is based on supernatural principles and natural when it is based upon the contemplation of the nature and the review of its secrets. He was burned alive for heresy in 1600. For Giordano Bruno, there are 9 kinds of magic.

1) The first form of magic is the knowledge that is to say, the mastery of science. And so, in his primary form, the magician is above all a scientist (Magus primo pro sumitur sapiente), with a particular understanding of the laws of the cosmos. The learning of sciences allows the access to superiority and supremacy.

2) In its second form, the magician is identified because he applies active and passive principles as medicine and alchemy. In this case, the magician performs natural magic (naturalis magia).

3) The third form of magic is the art of conjuring tricks.

4) The fourth form of magic is the magnetic interaction between things (attraction) caused by the presence of the mind (or soul) inside as the magnet principle. It is also natural magic.

5) The fifth form of magic is the so-called occult one (or mathematical): it uses seals, numbers, pictures, and it positions itself halfway between natural and supernatural magic.

6) The sixth form of magic is the art of calling demonic entities under the form of gods, heroes or demons either to be inhabited by them or in order to use and command them.

7) The seventh form of magic is necromancy or the art of calling the deads through demons using a corpse or pieces of it. When there is no raw material, the necromancian calls the spirit which inhabits the intestines of the deads. In this case, he is a phytian magician (referring to the Apollo's priests who used this technic).

8) The eighth form of magic is that used by those who use spells, clothing, feces, remains, all things related to the human touch for... good or evil in order to link, dissolve or to fall ill.

9) The ninth form of magic is divination. There are those who use fire (pyromancy or knowledge by fire), hydromancy (knowledge by water) and geomancy (knowledge by the earth).

Giordano BRUNO gave us the dynamic vision of the world through thirty basic concepts of magic under the form of thirty statues (cf. "Lampas Triginta Statuarum"). This work is a magical and philosophical manual that proposes to unveil the mysteries of the universe starting from the sensible reality and phantasmagoria to reach the universal knowledge that is the cause and origin of all things.

Considering the first form of magic defined by Giordano Bruno -the knowledge- that everyone can understand, it is obvious that since the late 19th century, the power of states grew in such a way.

In their race to power and supremacy, at the end of the II WW, the US and other countries "acquired" german scientists, proposing them either to work for the liberators or to be jailed for complicity of nazi crimes. And so, it was the massive exportation of german brains that contributed to the unquestionable development of the nowaday technical intelligentsia of these countries.

More a state possesses "brains", more its power is greater. In this, Bruno Giordiano was ok, no need to be a magician to understand it.

At's, we know every day that daily reality is worse than your worst nightmare.

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