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2 SPELLS : LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP During the Middle Age, a lot of old books of spells have been writen.

Extracted, here are two benefit ones:

For attracting love:

Take the image (or photo) of a bird of prey and the other one of a swallow.
Burn them together with a small bunch of savage marjoram.
Expose the ashes to the rays of the moon, during 21 nights.
Then, try to throw them on the beloved person, saying softly:
"By Scheva, I want you love me".

For attracting liking / frienship:

Reduce in powder four colomb pens and seven cat hairs.
Put them into a small bag of green silk
That you will keep on the flesh,
At the left of your chest,
This amulet has to be brought during one Friday in Spring,
Or during the day of the Winter Solstice.

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