FICTION, REALITY AND INNOCENCE Sept.30, 2014 - MICHAEL MYERS's COPYCAT - On September 4, Eric, a French 15 year old teenager killed his 11 years sister and seriously injured his 8 years brother in Moernach, near Mulhouse, France. His parents were out at a yoga class when he planned to murder his brother and sister. The bodies were found lying in a pool of blood. A friend of the teenager expressed that for sometimes, when Eric was "edgy", he used to walk around with a knife on him. Does it remind you of something? and yes, this sad event seems as the remake of the story of the fictional horror movie "Halloween" where the serial killer started his criminal career by killing his family, his younger sister being the only one who escaped the massacre. In october 2004, Pierre, another French teenager killed in the same way his brother and sister. And also In France, in august 2009, a young boy massacred his whole family (sister, brother and parents included) in Albitreccia (Corsica). From now on, Michael Myers, the terrifying character of the famous horror movie is become a reality, but not only in France, but also in the whole world where every day teenagers and children are committing horrible murders, more and more atrocious as slashers are getting younger and younger.

Sept.29, 2014 - THE BUTCHER OF MONTREAL - The trial of Luka Rocco Magnotta, 32 years old, started this Monday, September 29, in Montreal, Canada. He is accused to have tortured and killed two years ago, Jun Lin, a young Chinese student, for assaulting his corpse (necrophilia), eating parts of him (cannibalism), then carving up and dismembering it while filming for better enjoying the atrocities. Horror of horrors, the young Lin Jun was a fan of gore movies. Unfortunately, his life ended as atrocious as the movies he liked.

Fiction that comes true is not the only theme that comes out from these two sordid events. We see also some young people in complete disorientation that defray more and more the chronic with events reaching the climax of horror. "You shall honor your father and mother," "You shall not kill", these two commandments have likelyhood never been taught to these young people. If children were taught at their early age to respect these two basic human principles, it is clear that the face of the world could be changed ...

But is not be already written that "when children will lost their innocence ... the reign of evil will establish definitively on earth? ". Unfortunately, we see that in our modern society, children are becoming adults earlier and earlier aping adults prematurely and losing benchmarks. Sometimes, they transform themselves in monsters with adult brains struggling into childish bodies...

Is not the reign of evil already well established?

At's, we know that daily reality can be worse than your worst nightware!

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