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DEATH, EQUALITY AND JUSTICE March 3rd, 2014 - Everything is money in today's society, everything is monetizable: all spiritual values such love, beauty, and also some form of intelligence. The consumption society has reached its climax as all values over the world can be monetized and bought : as well as basic vital goods of first necessity (water, wheat and air), the virtues that at a time were beautiful only for the souls now can be buy. Tell me what is the clause in a marriage contract ... and I will tell you how long, the spouses will stay together. This is a striking and heartbreaking example.

To paraphrase a French humorist, we can tell that "We live in a great time " ( Reiser 1976) because from now on we can make money with everything and what is extraordinary now, you can get rich, even with stupidity. The website is one perfect illustration : the number of clicks can make rich the author of nonsense and foolishness because filmed and watched by millions of users.

More seriously, the consumption society under the pretext of progress now want to sell the desire of immortality to human beings!?

And indeed, some companies and laboratories around the world speculate that very soon, man can live hundreds of years. But beware, not just any man, especially not a poor ! We talk here of a two-tier medicine : only the very rich will be able to access to immortality and thus achieve an almost eternal life ... while others , a kind of sub-humans will live their life of misery .... Little by little, scientists of all kind make progressing medecine changing the parts of human body with spare parts thanks to the genetic human cells culturing. Somes international companies have already introduced this particular lucrative market. Some scientists and economists already interviewed on the medias on December, believed and asserted firmly that men could live hundred of year above all thanks to the human organ cells culturing. The future will be so : at your birth, cells of some of your organs will be harvested in Organs Banks for artificially growing. These "new" organs will be stored, then waiting to be implanted as spare part when you need them that-is-to-say when you will be old or sick. It seems to be the ultimate consumption market of the future that in some parts of the world... has already started thanks to the demand of rich customers...

Last December, there was a scientific effervescence because it was thought to be on track to conquer death. Indeed, an artificial heart of 900 grams, commercilized by CARMAT Cy, was successfully transplanted to a patient with severe heart failure whose life expectancy was very short. Carmat indicated that clinical human trials would be completed in 2014, which would allow to commercialize this new health good over the world. The price of this heart was estimated around 140,000 and 180,000 euros against a conventional transplant costing 250 000 euros in Europe and one million dollars in the United States. CARMAT's shares had jumped at the end of the previous year, because marketing teams estimated a global market to approximately 16 billion euros for this type of product.

But death continues to watch over human beings it appreciates so much and in some cases, it seems to play justice with his scythe wanting to restore a balance. And so, Monday, March 2, 2014, the patient with the artificial CARMAT heart died. And on March 3, the share of this company risking to collapse at the Paris Stock exchange, resulted suspended (on March 5th, it returns to the stock exchange with a decline).

Message is clear : Death wants to be the only master in its domain. Death is not an enemy, since the dawn of time, it defeated life, Beggars as Kings, as it remains, the sovereign equality principle between all human beings of all conditions and all origins.

“I saw the mower. She was in her field.
“It was great to not harvesting and mowing,
“Black skeleton passing dusk.
“In the shadows where everything seems to tremble and regress,
“The man 's eyes followed the glow of the scythe.
“And triumphant under triumphal arches
“Fell, she changed into a desert Babylon
“The throne into scaffold and scaffold into throne
“The roses into manure, children in birds,
“Gold in ash , and the eyes of mothers in streams.
“And women shouted - Give us this little being.
“To kill him, why did he born ?
“It was only a sob on land, up, down ;
“Hands with bony fingers came out black pallets ;
“A cold wind rustled in the shrouds without number ;
“The frightened people seemed in the dark scythe
“A shudder in the shadows which fled flock ;
“Everything was under her feet grief , terror and night.
“Behind her, forehead bathed in soft flames,
“A smiling angel wearing the wreath of souls.

March 1854
Victor Hugo, Les Contemplations

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