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GAIA, NORTH POLE AND FUTURE Dec. 21, 2013 - On Thursday December 19 morning, the Gaia European space telescope was launched from French Guiana and will be in orbit for five years. Its mission: photographing a billion stars to map in 3D a part of the Milky Way. Its name, Gaia, refers to the Greek goddess of the Earth.

In many ancient representations of the world , Earth is personified by a mother goddess (Gaia in Greek, Tellus in Latin, Papa in Polynesia ). In all civilizations, Earth was considered as a mother goddess because it is considered as the source and results of fertility and wealth. Gaia through nature gives birth both to men and harvesting.

From this intuitive concept, came alchemy ("prima materia" and "filius philosophorum") which from the times, is an universal science that-is-to say shared from a long time by all peoples, as well as the Cherokee American Natives that the famous mathematician Jerome Cardan. Indeed, they argued in the same way that Earth is the mother of gemstones and that within her womb, it transforms crystal into diamond ...

In 2010, in Bolivia was established the Final Declaration of Cochabamba, a text claiming rights to Mother Earth. This international meeting stated a reflexion about Gaia facing the current human problems : economic, humanitarian, political ones together with their potential impact: financial crisis, climate refugees, good life, exploitation and capitalism ... The text as a result was written by 142 countries and set the right to mother earth to live and be healthy to be able to feed all its children.

But some sons see the Earth only just as an inert object to be exploited until the end ... and perhaps their end. A striking example is the silent and cold war ignored by the media for the North Pole: some western Governments in the northern hemisphere are fighting together in silence for the exploitation of new fields appearing under the melting ice. The main ones are : USA, Canada, Norway and Russia. Currently, it seems that they are USA that are best placed because they are the ones who made the more detailed mapping of this area thanks to their scientists and cartographers.

So, we have presently two opposing thoughts :
- There are those who cling to the old aggressive exploitation schema with the same unchanged goal : mercantile accumulation of richness and consumption goods generating more and more human psychological frustrations and troubles, attracting men like moths to ephemeral lights.
- On the other hand, there are those who want to change the model for a rational exploitation of the earth and its resources and a better sharing between people.

A lot of fights on this world come from the confusion between liberty, democracy and capitalism. Liberty is associated too often not only to democracy but also to capitalism which seems for a lot of people as a corn of abundance. Thus, nowadays, democracy is too linked to capitalism and finance which has generated the world crisis we live and the increase of poorness. Capitalism will never be synonym of liberty and democracy but only exploitation of earth resources for profit (gas, oil, gold, ores of all sources...).

Currently, in Artic, supertankers are patrolling together with super charters full of tourists eager for cheap thrills... one of the last virgin fields of the world is going to disappear...

Remember only that with the disappearance of Artic it is also the Gulf Stream (northern ocean current) -being at the source of the temperate climate of the north hemisphere- which is going to disappear... Countries which benefit from this exceptional and fragile balance as Europa will be the first victims. Their future could be made of erratic climax together with wandering.

It is not subject to Terrificator here to take a political party, only to predict that ultimately :
- Men whatever their motivations need Earth to live and its fruits, Nature, to survive ;
- Destroying the natural balance, men threat only themselves.

Gaia does not need men to live: it created itself without men and it can go on without them. Absurdly, men are only sawing the branch on which they sit... that is to say their future.

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