CONTACTING INVISIBLE ENTITIES Dec.3, 2013 - Sometimes, someone contacts Terrificator for asking : "how to contact invisible?". It's the case of Dylan who wrote on our guestbook the following message: "I want to summon visible entities, no matter the cost. Good or evil. Fear is ok."

Considering this message, we'll reply to Dylan :"You talk about immaterial things saying cost is nothing?" Surely, Dylan, you'are a bit unconscious and seem an easy prey for crooks of all sorts.

Let consider this message that it's a recurring demand we receive.

You want to communicate with invisible entities? But what sort of entities? Bad ? Good ? For what purposes ?
As you say "fear is ok", sure it's for sensation only!
Cost seems nothing for you, so in your opinion, all things resume themselves into consuming products as the comsumption society your make part.

In conclusion, or you're kidding or simply, you're are very young or naive.

No matter, at terrificator's, we are used to consider any demand regarding occult because we think contact with the invisible is for everyone, it just depent of sensitivity.

We recommend to everyone who want to get sensation to read the "Red Dragon" written by Antonio Venitiana del Rabina. It is a small grimoire with a sum of receipts very short and simple to do and you can contact entities, obtaining favours of all sorts and speaking with Lucifuge Rofocale.

You will learn specially how :
- Sacrificing a goat,
- Making a mysterious wand to call entities,
- Making a circle of protection with the skin of the animal,
- Setting up an altar for calling the entities,
- Calling for misc. entities as Lucifuge Rofocale,
- Formulating requests to the entities
- Curing diseases,
- Spelling against your enemies,
- Having love, wealth, etc..

... in short, acquiring all things and powers you dream... at the only condition the entity deigns to appear and answer ... but here it is another matter ...

For those who want to kid with the invisible, here is an extract of the "CENTUM REGUM" :


Lucifer, Ouia, Kameron, Aliscor, Mandusemini ; Pomi, Oriel, Madugruse, Parinoscon, Estio, Dumogon, Dovorcon, Casmiel, Hugras, Fabil, Vonton, Uli, Sodierno, Peatan ? Venite, Lucifer, Amen.

LUCIFER's anwers (original text is in italian) :

Io Lucifero Imperatore Potentissimo Supremo ed independente libero ed assoluto padrone di tutto il Regno sotteraneo, dispotico Signore in tutte le mie Giuridizione formidabile, terribile, nobilissimo, al cui Impero tutto. Regolalissimo, si nuove govenoarbitro di tutte le fortune di tutte le Siagure, Sapinete Sagace, et fornito d'ogni piu sublime Luminose caractere Domatore dell' Europa, et di tutte le siagure ed Asia in particulare.


Prometto giuro al nome di Dio da viventi obbedienza protezza, sommissione al Padrone di questo Libro Firmato, giurato al nome Sodetto, de miei Sudetti Caratteri, ed in virtu di tal giuramento e sotto signassione giuro d'aderire a tutto quello che piu sara in piacero del Padrone di questo libro.


Piu prometto giuro per parte de miei suditi listesso ; Onde al solo legere che si fara della mia chiamata al capo primo di questo libro, di comparir subbito prontamente in forma di bel garzone, giouno, in aria piacevole, sensa strepito, Rumore, o altro che possa offendere, o intimorire il Patrone di questo libro, Rispondendo giustamente con chiarezza, etc.

... After the seventh chapter, here is the latin formula to dismiss Lucifer :

Ite in pace loco vestro et pax fit inter vos, redituri ad me quum vos invocavero in Nomine Patris, et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Then, you order to the entity to discover treasure because he has transmitted some powers to the mysterious wand which henceworth discovers treasures and does a lot of magic...

Then, again, Lucifer is dismissed.

Thanksgiving (act of thanking God for the blessings and protection provided against the entities and thanks for the benefit things obtained).

Kid yourself, have a good sensational fun.

For those interested in witchcraft, I advise them to read abovall the lives of some great famous wizards like Agrippa Cornelius by example that one day, we hope to summarize the life with other famous ones, as Aleister Crowley, the well named black sorcer, too.

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