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BE AWARE: SANTA COULD BE A BASTARD Nov. 23, 2013 - Christmas approaching, children are happy expecting this festive season ahead and salivating in advance thinking about offerings, gifts and candies.

Unfortunately, some people are not in this state of mind and some serial killer roam in search of innocent victims who seem too happy for them. Sometimes, Santa is really a bastard, if not a junk!.

This is the case in France, where Thursday, November 21, the mayor of Thil, Haute-Garonne, issued an alert to the residents for warning them against a poisoner who is plaguing on this small village in the peacefull French South Western country.

At a time when we think rather preparing ourselves to do good than bad, a poisoner is depositing offerings in the street and especially on some paths where many children return to school. For the moment, victims are only poor animals.... Police investigates and researchs are made to identify the poison and the poisoner.

Children, beware of picking up everything which are free and attrack you as candies and coloured things... giving by bad Santas, because sometimes SANTA could be a bastard.

At terrificator's, we know that the worst insane criminals are always the most anonymous, lurking and waiting as spiders... because above all they are invidious of normality and social happiness.

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