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GHOST AT THE WHITE HOUSE Oct. 30, 2013 - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, District of Columbia ... the address of the most famous haunted house more known as the White House.

Under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a servant of the President, Miss Mary Eban reported seeing Lincoln, sitting on his bed, putting on his boots in the northwest room of the White House. The new made sensation throughout the US as it was duly reported and issued by the government at the time. Mrs. Roosevelt herself claimed to have feel a ghostly presence around her when she worked late at night in her office. One of the most famous guests of the White House, the great Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, heard a knock on her bedroom overnight. When she opened the door, President Lincoln was upright before her and the queen fainted.

Even for President Harry S. Truman , the presence of the ghost of Lincoln was not in doubt and he wrote a few passages about this in his book "Mr President". Many members of the staff of the White House say they heard the sound of his boots coming and going on the floors of the first floor.

During his lifetime, Lincoln himself firmly believed in ghosts. He asserted receiving regular visits from his two deceased sons, Tad and Willie.

According to the legend, the spirit of Lincoln is used to appear in the White House for predicting national disaster for the US, so now, members of the White House make silent about the visions of the famous ghost.

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