INSIDE THE BRAIN OF A MASS MURDERER Oct. 22th, 2013 - In April 1999 , it was the birthday of the birth of Adolf Hitler. This event was commemorated by the massacre of 15 persons at the school in Columbine USA, by Dylan Klebod Dylan and Eric Harris, two students of the school.

But does somebody know that Aldof Hitler before becoming the German dictator we know, responsible for millions of deads, developed the same hate that them, under the same circumstances, who changed him in monster? Very few people know this!

When he was under 20 years, Adolf Hitler, was a fine art student during his Viennese period, hoping to acquire a talent in painting, dreaming -as every young people- to be famous and recognized socially by his particular talent. Poor, with hungry and burning eyes, he used to wander wearing a long black cloak hiding threadbare clothes under. With very little resources, he has not equality of opportunity as the other students whose had wealthy parents. In this particular atmosphere of the Viennese bourgeoisie at this period, his classmates were used to mock him, putting him apart because he had nothing to be part of their world. He loved young women like " Valkyries", tall, blonde and buxom that he painted. Unfortunately, he could only dream of them and cultivate so a permanent sexual frustration as the kind of beautifull girl he loved preferred athletes and wealthy ones. Young Adof Hitler cultivated a so intense frustration changing him with the years into the monstruous dictator we know with an unsane desire of revenge. Harassed, he learned to develop the hatred of those who once humiliated him .

In April 1999 , it was for some ones, the commemoration of the 110th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler...

And so, two teens, commemorated this event performing so the Littleton massacre, known under the name of the slaughter at Columbine High School with 15 people died.

And the Adolf Hitler's curse came again.

Dylan Klebod and Eric Harris, since months, were used to wear black t-shirts and trench coats at school. Regularly they were mocked by their classmates and blamed even by the teachers. One athlete in particular liked to taunt them as "Dirtbag". Others called them faggots, inbreeds, harassing them, throwing bottles and dirt from moving cars, spreading even rumors they ill-treated animals and made orgies.

The hate and frustration increased: graffitis were discovered in the boys' bathroom warned: "Columbine will explode one day. Kill all athletes. All jocks must die".

God disappeared of their life and his place was filled by a devil coming from inferno: the ghost of Adolf Hitler. In the hand-written diary of one of the suspects, police said this birthday was marked as a time to "rock and roll" with phrases in German punctuating a year's worth of meticulous planning for the attack on Hitler's 110th birthday.

During the slaughter, a girl was asked by one gunman if she believed in God: "There is a God and you need to follow along God's path" was her answer. The shooter looked down at her. "There is no God", he said, and he shot her in the head. They were laughing, excited: "Who's next?" "Who's ready to die?"

Interrogated, a classmate said: "They hate us because we're like the social Úlite of the school". And indeed, on a arch of the school there is engraved : "The finest kids in America pass through these halls".

As Adolf Hitler, dispair, frustation, unceasing harassing took possession of the reasoning of the two teens. They lost their mind for changing them into monsters carrying on the same hate than Hitler did at their age. This hate was so great that even Dilan Klebod forgot his great-grandfather who was a prominent Jewish philanthropist at his time. And is how the curse of Adolf Hitler came back again in 1999, the year of the beast in a little town in the US.

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