SWALLOWS, ISIS, MARY, FUTURE AND PAST August 15th, 2013 - 10:00.This morning about eighty swallows are back together upon our house. We were there to see them spin, to call in flight, gather on the brick cornice on the sunniest front, but also behind hidden from view thanks to the tall cypress. In half an hour, they came together and left as quickly as they had come. They are going to South ...

South, poor South needing hope... because there was violence yesterday with hundreds of deads.

Today, August 15, is also a religious feast and holiday for Catholics, it is the feast of the Assumption of Mary, Jesus Christ's Mother, the mother of the son of God for a lot of Christians around the world. This religious day is full of peace. In some words, and more specifically for the uninitiated, it is the day of Mary's death, the end of her earthly life her body and soul ascending straight to heaven because she had a sinless life on earth. It is an holy and peaceful day among the Christians.

Today, 15 August, if not the readers of "The Da Vinci Code" from Dan Brown, who knows again that Mary, Mother of the son of God, is in fact the representation of Isis, the ancient mother goddess, with Isis, Osiris, Horus, Mary, Jesus, being the symbols of death and resurrection ...

Ooh, Ooh, are you going to say ... what is this new straying?

No rambling or pointless comments but simply an observation of specific signs carrying a strong symbolic which shows that everything can be connected, past and future, humans and symbols.

Plutarch (46-120 AD) mentions the Egyptian myth of the metamorphosis of Isis into a Swallow ("Isis in Lebanon") around 100 AD. Aphrodite, goddess of love, loved particular swallows together which the Egyptian queen Cleopatra who seized this symbol and engraved it on the bow of her ship. In the Middle Ages in Europe, the swallow was the symbol of resurrection and spring.

Isis is the Great Goddess above all else, and today, the well-named divine messengers which are the swallows are leaving the old Europe for the South, South countries which at their turn are making nowadays their revolution, suffering because of wars between believers, unbelievers, seculars, fundamentalists, pacifists, crazy warriors ...

These small animals that fly today to South will bring healing of the great goddess Isis and if she knew once rebuilding the bodies destroyed she can also make to revive a country, a part of world, especially if the damaged country is the birthplace of her antic belief.

In fact, the symbolic signs around us are never innocent. They are since mankind exists, they are the symbol of the expression of the divine. It's the charge to men to decrypt them for deciphering wisdom and future.

Have some good holidays my dear fellows.

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