DEATH, SUPERNATURAL AND ELECTRICITY August 4th, 2013 - Questioning about Death has been a great thing for humanity since times. Depending on the believes and the part of world and history, the place and the period you're born, the answer is different: indeed it all depends how you tackle the question and so, the answer is different if you're a believer (Christian, Muslin, Buddhist...) an atheist, a priest or a scientist...

But supernatural events exist for reconciling all of them, at least about one form of the manifestation of life after death.

Since the origin of humanity, whatever civilizations and cultural heritages, lightning remains the manifestation of either God or supernatural messengers : thunder for the voice of God, lightning flashes for omen and thanks to the expanding technological means, supernatural seems to enjoy communicating through electric and electronic media ("Breakthrough : an amazing experiment on electronic communication with the dead" from Otto Reichl Verlag, 1971 - "The dead are talking to us" from Priest François Brune, 1988).

On November 2009, I talk about Is death the end? where I express that sometimes, somewhere, we feel an undefined presence...

We return to this subject because 2 weeks ago, at terrificator's we experienced a strange phenomenon.

But before developing, keep in mind some general ideas about the composition of matter not because we want to prepare a sophist postulate but rather as a reflexion for helping our understanding:
- Matter is composed of atoms that are grouped and separated by chemical means.
- We are accustomed to see several states in nature: solid, liquid, gaseous or physical states as electricity
- There are electric messages sent by the human cells inside the body.
- It's not the size of our brain which make our intelligence but the speed of the electric connection between the cells of the brain.
- Many bodies take different states depending on the temperature, the pressure and more generally, the conditions they support.

(see my previous report on Physics, chemistry and supernatural).

And so, 2 weeks ago, at home, there was an heavy atmosphere because thundering clouds passing, we experimented troubles watching on-line videos trough a wi-fi connection. While the storm swelled and electrical clouds passed over, there were more and more bugs on the video, with finally repeated extracted sentences that linked, formed particular messages, a sort of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

Often, we meet supernatural presence but under this form, it was the first time.

When men and women die, there are changes in their states, electricity which animated once their body (whatever we are used to name it) and made their humanity, this electric current so, goes out their body when they die, little by little becoming a corpse, a decaying carcass, then dust around the bones.

This so-named electric current that once made them alive connecting all the human cells, sometimes remains attached at some places (the so-called haunted homes) or is attracted by physical and natural events (waves linked to magnetic fields, underground water currents, metal nets, fault zones, storms...)

So, in some places, in some conditions, it has been proven and it goes on proving that you can face supernatural, because all if we are awake enough, we can meet the supernatural, having evidences every day that there is a "life" after death...

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