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THE BEES OF GOD July 13th, 2013 - On april 2011, we talk about the Maya and Aztec calendars telling they predicted not the end of the world but rather the end of a cycle (read our previous report : Maya and Aztec calendars) Travelling around the world, you can see many disruptions and distress on the faces hoping, protesting, riotting, fighting for a better world: in Syria, Brazil, Egypt, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Mali... If some countries appear again "peacefull" it is because their politicians and media make the necessary for keeping silent for avoiding riot emphazing and people rising up in arms.

Yes, the end of a cycle is running and a new cycle is searching itself.

It's the end of a cycle for human environment with a climatic change inducing erring temperatures and seasons, flood advancing more and more together with deserts extend, water scarcity, pollution in the cities, increase of human gas production... no country being save.

It's the end of a cycle for a lot of heirs of civilizations because the used schemes (moral, religion, politics, dictatorship of the proletariat, capitalism, democracies) cannot renew and have no more to propose than old or reheat receipts.

It's the end of a cycle because young people around the world refute their life to be dominated by the oldest occupying key positions performing the same schemes years after years because they have been educated in such a way.

As GOD, the divine Breathing, allows the development of every life on earth thanks to the numbers accordance generating harmony, the Great Creator is also at the origin of the primordial abyss. We find in almost all mythologies and human believes an important abyss where all things are undifferentiated and which appear in a formless state of chaos. From this chaos a great Whole emerges compound of separate parts put in their proper order.

The messenger of the end of cycle for humanity is a small animal who seems so fragile but it's eternal in human mind: I call it the BEE.

Few animals have such an important symbolic role. Indeed, men discovered early they could benefit from beekeeping for their own safeguard. From the ancient Egyptians to the ancient Germans and still today, the bee has physical and esoteric qualities. The word "Bienenweg" (path of bees) is the air in which float the souls. The Mediterranean peoples were accustomed to call them: the birds of the muses. Priests in some religions were called bees. For Christians, in the Last Judgment, the bees and the sweetness of honey symbolize the word of God while the sting evoking injury separates the ones elected for entering in God's kingdom from the damned. For Muslims, Paradise is full of honey. In China, the tradition of honey harvesting and bees breeding is very old. Still thousand years, products containing royal jelly go on to be synonyms of eternal youth.

You'll ask: why bees represent a divine messenger in the upset world of today?

Simply, because they are the symbol of the humming humanity. From their buzzing, goes out the nature harmony and the honey of life. As humans, they are facing the end of a cycle: because pesticides excess, climatic changes, new insect predators...

These divine messengers can teach a lot to mankind. It's the duty of men to ask themselves whether the things and life concepts and schemes proposed by politicians, religious and media are true and if they are so, to ask if they are good or not. If men want to find God, they must banish any ignorance of themselves, of the world and the universe.

For this purpose, humanity needs only wise and sincere leaders having the necessary force and intelligence for releasing men of the old ideas which enslave them. These wise men have to be free, charismatic, firm, but above all, without any compromise and full of goodness...

"And in me, fear mingled with joy, because I saw a new light, brighter than daylight. "
Apocalypse of Peter."

Don't we say that the words of God are as honey?

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