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SATAN AGAINST LUCIFER The Lucifer of the old gospel is not the Satan of the new one.

Before the denaturation of the name by the Roman church, Lucifer, was described as "the most beautiful archangel of God".

It was the carrier of light. The Greeks named it phoshoros or eosphoros, i.e. the Venus planet bringing daylight. In Roma, the Godness Diana (Artemis) was called also Lucifera, i.e. the "Carrier of light".

The name of Lucifer was used by the first Christians to designate Christ, "the light of the world" which was described as "Lucifer matutinus" or of "Lucifer nescit occasum.

Satan or SathanaŽl finds its origins into the Syrian God named "Southek", "Seth" the egyptian one, "chitan" the arab translation of devil, "sathan" the hebraic translation of adversary, indicter and contradictor.

Bishops gave the devil the names of the ancient pagan gods who became the devils of today.

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