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RAIN MEN EXIST May 30th, 2013 - Between Men and Rain, it's a long story. At all times, humanity turned to shamans for calling for rain. The most popularized ones in the media are the Native sorcerers of North America who implored the honcho to rain by ritual dancing and curses. This has always existed on all continents ... And it goes on to exist: in Africa, Asia, America, around all the world, to get a Rain Man when ground and soil are too dry and men are crying for water. In some chinese villages, it is used to call some particular men who have special powers for calling rain because it's known that rain always follows them.

You think these are superstitions? simply, you're wrong because there are very serious stories and examples all around the world on these special men with supernatural powers.

You will answer "nonsense", because you live in the western countries and think firmly that does not exist in the West.

Well, dear little creatures, think again, the rain men also exist in Western countries and the most famous one... is the French President, Francois Hollande.

Indeed, in the early hours of his Presidency, in May 2012, he was under the rain for her down the Champs-Elysées in Paris and from now on, rain is his friend and has no more left the French President during major events and official visits: through France recently commemorating May 8, across Europe, Afghanistan and even in April, in North Africa , Morocco, the land of the sun. Rain does not stop in France since May 2012...

It sure that meteorologists have an explanation for the rainy weather, but they cannot explain the recurrence of this phenomenon that follows a single man almost everywhere he travels... It is proved and troubling.

Do not be mistaken, it is a rare phenomenon but indisputable, the French President, is a rainmaker, a real Rain Man, without any doubt.

Since his election, the groundwaters (water localizated at shallow depths which feeds wells and drinking water sources) have fulfilled again and again, so much that in some French areas, land is overflowing water.

To enjoy these benefits, the countries traditionally arid because of deserts, should invite François Hollande, French President, as part of an official trip, in order to take benefits too of his rainmaker's powers.

Sometimes, supernatural appears where you least expect it!

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