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GHOSTS May 10, 2009 - OK: among numerous ghosts demonstrations, there are often trickeries but not always! and even, some churchmen and scientific people believe very seriously to supernatural demonstrations of ghosts. It is not our aim here to reference them, their theories and dogma, we will talk here simply about ghosts’ usual demonstrations.


As it seems, ghosts of haunted houses are used to take on an human appearance. They do not appear in white shroud but are dressed in tune with respect to their old lively period. Generally, they present themselves in a so realistic manner that they seem alive.

Sometimes, they are distinct but transparent as glass. In other cases, they are as shadows dressing in a vague human form. Often, they vanish as steam or haze or also, they stride through the wall trhough the walls or closed doors. Sometimes, they walk or other times, they slide as if they were hung in the air. In a lot of cases, they appear during numerous years, at sporadic intervals, with a break period or in other circumstances, at fixed dates. It has been observed that ghosts haunt only during several months or some days.

Their demonstration is always preceded by a vague feel of “presence” compelled us to turn where is standing the ghost. At the ghost’s approach, we feel as caressed by a cold breeze or wind. The main character of ghosts seems to be their indifference towards human witnesses who are watching them while seized with fear. Ghosts act, climb a scale, pass trough a corridor, enter into a room, wandering without any fixed purpose.

Or, on the contrary, they are used to perform household tasks, seeming to gesture with a dumb despair, acting obviously with sleepworking automatisms. In very rare occasions, ghosts are demonstrating intentionaly their presence by some appropriate gestures or speaking.

We would not forget the other phenomena inducing this supernatural presence as: lights less or more diffuse, sense of weight or pressure on your chest or on other parts of your body, a great feeling of coldness, unpleasant marks of hands leaving tracks of burn, demonstrations of putrid or deathly smells or, on the contrary, sweet ones as violets fragrance.

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