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THE CORPSE OF MY ENEMY Nov.18, 2012 - Since man exists, killing is a commonplace, but what it is the most difficult is in fact not to kill but to get rid of the corpse of your ennemy. The horror generated by a human brain is unlimitless, especially when a criminal thinks up how getting rid of his worst enemy. Lately the media reported about the horrible death of a North Korean resident who has been literally "explosed" by a mortrier shooting because of the death sentence decided by the President. In short, he has been blew so that no trace remains of him.

Today we will discuss a topic that is really politically incorrect: the best way of getting rid of the corpse of your enemy.

But it is not because you killed your enemy that the dead cannot get his revenge. How? By becoming a ghost haunting in return his killer? No, of course not, his revenge will take place just in case the police found the remains of the body or better, because a witness' denunciation! Indeed, from now thanks to the DNA analysis, police investigations are easier: the remains of a body may lead to his murderer.

Whatsoever for a serial killer or a mass murderer, the problem has always been for a murderer to avoid leaving clues as well as witnesses behind that one day may appear in the light for a better charge.

When you are a lonely murderer without any accomplice, you can get to hide a corpse according several ways:
- Fund the forest (provided there are no walkers and that you dig and bury it into a pit and it is not an easy thing)
- Fund the desert (provided there are no scavengers and the size of the pit)
- Fund the water (provided it does not go back at the water surface or that is not discovered by divers)
- By fire : one burns in a pit or in an oven (provided organic traces will not be found among the ashes)
- By lime recovering (but it's like fire, there will be always traces and remains)
- By immersion in a bath filled with corrosive (but the smell is awfull and may attract the attention of the neighbors)
- By pouring concrete on the body (it is a reliable way until one day happens a building renovation)
- By making eating the body by animals: that way seems ok too because all main parts seem to disappear (provided you recover the teeth of your enemy that will never be digested and will be expelled with the faeces)

But nobody made better than some recent dictator or mass murderer who succeeded to solve this problem of how getting rid of their enemies in the same time of their corpses:

1) There is the case of President IDI AMIN DADA who was used to eat some parts of his enemies with some white wine.

2) But not a long time before, about some fifty years ago, a President solved this problem, getting rid at the same time of his enemies and simultaneously silencing the potential witnesses: he was Stalin that someones idolize and others call mass murderer. He solved the problem by making eating the bodies of his enemies by his enemies themselves ; somehow, a sort of Hannibal Lecter before the time. Here is as he did:

This was reported on the French radio station (France Inter) a few years ago in the afternoon, at an hour of few listenings. Some newsmen and historians mentioned the horrible following story. In Georgia, the country were he was born, Stalin gave the order to jail in their homes those ones he qualifed himself as "kulaks" (starvers).

Stalin's enemies were imprisoned in their home with their families (wife, children, grandparents, valid and elderly), doors and shutters nailed, without food and water, guards patrolling prohibiting passers to deliver them. Invariably, prisoners ended by eating each other, eating their children and the wicken ones who die at first, then starving, killing at last the ones who were agonizing. Sometimes somes survived, the strongest, the fiercest ones who at least escaped their jail after long months of madness. But these survivors never dare to testify against Stalin because they would have also to confess the horrible crimes of cannibalism they committed. And so, it is how Stalin succeeded that no one never succeeded before him , that-is-to say getting rid of his enemies and preventing his victims to charge him.

Even today, some reporters cannot understand why history textbooks are silent about these mass crimes.
At terrificator's, we know it is because the witnesses who survived never wanted to advertise about a such horrible event.

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