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THE ABANDONED GHOST Oct. 21, 2012 - The skeleton of a man, dead since 1996, was discovered Friday morning in his home in the French city of Lille, North of France. Because of sanitation, he is a safety inspector of the city who entered the house and found the man in his bedroom and something incredible, near 16 years, nobody paid attention to his absence.

The corpse of Didier Perroudon (born in 1921 in Spain), was found in his bed dressed in pajamas. He seems to be dead in his bed. Papers and unopened letters from 1996 which were found in the apartment suggest the police it could be the year of his death. The house was locked from the inside. Nothing suggests a criminal act, it is only a drama of solitude in this city of near 230 000 inhabitants.

For years, the passers-by have seen the house defaced and the panes of glass broken little by litte. Interrogated, somes walkers said they felt the house as strange, as if there was some kind of presence inside... But nobody dares to knock the door for 16 years.

Poor abandoned old skeleton, crying desesperately in silence: "Please, don't forget me".

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