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DEATH IN THE EYES? Oct.-14, 2012 - One says that you can see the beauty of an human being through his eyes. For those who practised physiognomy as Aristode or Paracelsus or simply for those who want to apply the receipts of the Grimoire of the Grand Albert, physiognomy remains the mirror of the soul and the eyes are its extension. But when you want to deepen a bit more, suddenly you realize it exists a world where science and occultism are married closely.

From now on, iridology is a science and renowned scientists have laid solid basis of it. Nethertheless, examining the eyes is to know with certainty what are the diseases which gnaw inside you and that's why it inspires fear.

By examining your eyes more carefully in a mirror or better with a magnifying glass, you may have a superficial idea of how is your health state.

How is it possible? you say with skepticism...

It took a long time for one stops to consider as false and charlatan everything which appears a little bit empiric.

Iridology is a method that seeks to determine, by examining the iris, the seat and nature of the disorders and organ damages existing in the other parts of the body. For a very long time, physiognomists who studied animals and human beings iris had found changes in the eyes expression and the size of the pupils. Medical schools of ancient Egypt and Greece already knew the relationship between eyes and health.

Hippocrates (460-375 BC), Greek physician and father of the western medicine already concluded: "So are the eyes, so is the body". Paracelsus (1493 - 1541), Swiss alchemist and physician wrote: "Consider the eye in the head with what art it is built and how the body printed so beautifully its anatomy in its image". In 1665, the physiologist Philip Meyen von Coburg described in his book "Psysiognomia medica" the divisions of the iris corresponding to the different anatomical areas of the human body. In 1813, Professor Beer, noted in the "Treatise on diseases of the eye" the following: "Anything that acts on the body cannot remain without influence on the eye, and vice versa".

So, it is not new and in the past, only those ones qualified now as esoterists or occultists said already that the iris, the colored part of the eye, was not only the mirror of the soul but also the mirror of the body. And indeed, misery and suffering of the present and the past are inscribed with accuracy into the iris according a map, as a part of a cosmos, a kind of planetography because human eyeballs represent the cartography of the body and each alteration appearing into them is a "weakness" or "injury" of the body and organs.

Carefully examine your eyes into a mirror, my little creatures, they can teach a lot about your health and how long could be your life... With a goodwill and courage try to face the threatening of death, scrutinizing regularly your eyes.
You will end to learn what potential illness you could develop and why not, consulting in advance, preserving your live a little more than prescribed by mother Destiny...

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