SAGES FACING THE END OF THE WORLD Sept.9th, 2012 - Is the end of the world for soon ? Those who refer to the Mayan calendar believe it while others qualify this belief as a pseudo science. We have already commented this in a previous report in May 2011 (refer to page MAYA AND AZTEC CALENDARS ). Our aim today will be simply to tell about the sages (wise men) through the ages who told some predictions truthfully.

Sage of the ancient times :
Michel de Nostredame
(1503 - 1566) :

He is the most famous sage whose reputation for prediction was so great that he was listen by kings and princes. His fame is based on the "Centuries" published in 1555, which were a thousand quatrains organized in series which tell about the future till the year 3797. They are written in a French archaic language and are not always understandable. In addition -Nostradamus points it explicitly- they require a key for reading because they hide the truth unequivocally. Many commentators made many interpretations... Close to us, there is an interpretation of MP Edouard written before War II and published in 1939 by the Editions Belles : they are predictions for the period 1600 to 2000. What is interesting in 2012 is to look what was true for the period from 1939 to 2000.

Extract 1 : WAR II

" Centurie X - Quatrain XXXI :
" Le sainct empire vienra en Germanie,
" Ismalaëlites trouveront lieux ouverts,
" Anex voudront aussi la Carmanie,
" Les soutenans de terre tous couverts.

Translation : It announces War II and that Germany will try to rebuild the famous St Roman Empire (advent of Hitler). But the following quatrain announces :

" Le grand empire chacun en devoit estre,
" Un sur les autres le viendra obtenir :
" Mais peu de temps sera son regne et estre,
" Deux ans aux naves ne pourra soustenir.

Translation : Everyone should belong to this empire. And this empire will be achieved one after the other, which corresponds to the method used by Hitler for annexing the European countries one after the other. But the last two lines indicates that his reign will have little time and will not last, when at its peak, more than two years because of the ships.
Event correlated with the prediction : In 1944, there was the amphibious warfare and War II ended in 1945.


" X/95 :
" Dans les Espaignes viendra Roy tres puissant,
" Par mer et terre sugiugant or Midy :
" Ce mal fera, rabaissant le croissant,
" Baisser les aisles ŕ ceux du Vendredy.

Translation : "A very powerful King will restore prestige to Spain which will gradually healed all wounds. This country will take a prominent place in the Mediterranean.
Event correlated with the prediction : After the death of Franco, there was the advent of King Juan Carlos and Spain experienced a rapid economic growth and thriving.


" X/56:
" Tost l'Elephant de toutes parts verra
" Quand pourvoyeur au Griffon se ioindre,
" Sa ruine proche, et Mars qui toujours gronde
" Fera grands faits aupres de terre saincte
" Grands estendars sur la terre et sur l'onde,
" Si la nef n'a esté de deux freres enceinte.

Translation : The "Elephant" (India) will rise up against England.
Event correlated with the prediction : After the end of World War II, in the context of decolonization movements experienced by the European countries, most of the territories of the British Empire gained independence.

Extract 4 : Nostradamus' WARNING : SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS

" Quatrain VI - VIII centurie :
" Las quel de siront Princes estrangers,
" Garde toy bien qu'en ton pays ne vienne
" Il y auroit de terribles dangers
" En maints contrees, mesme en la Vienne.

Translation : We have to take care to foreign infiltration and be careful to the promises of friendship of "foreign princes" because we run dangers of treason.
Event correlated with the prediction : In the United States on September 11, 2001, a series of four suicide attacks were committed by terrorists from the Islamist group al-Qaeda. It was the fall of the twins towers and panic around the world because of Osama bin Laden.

Modern Sages :
the Sages of the post 68 : THE CLUB OF ROME

Led to its creation by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian member of the Board of Directors of Fiat and Alexander King, English scientist, the Club of Rome was composed of a board of 13 members and became known worldwide in 1972 by its first report: "The Limits to Growth". Using data and forecasts made at its request by the Massatchussets Institute of Technology, the Club of Rome concluded that, for the preservation of humanity, the rate of economic growth would have to be reduced to zero and if it was not possible, at least greatly reduced.

This questioning intervened at the peak of the so-called post-war boom, a period of unprecedented growth in the developed countries which suggested that growth was limitless. At the time, many did not accept the analyzes of the Club of Rome that induced too great calling into question. These wises were already all-inclusive in their time but people did not listen to them.

Five hundred years after Nostradamus, the Club of Rome jumped to the same conclusion. Because at this beginning of the XXIst, we may also consider Nostradamus' warning as a prediction regarding our times : globalization is now and as a result, there is an economic worldwide threat together with some great environmental risks.

If wises through the times are filled with concern, yes indeed, we can say that a new fall is close... except if... we are able to find the key!

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