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PRIAPUS, SEX AND GRAVES April 22nd, 2012 - When you write "Priape" on a search engine, inevitably you come across gays loves links and pictures from webstores and individuals naming "Priape" (=Priapus) that seems to imply that this ancient Greek god was the god of sodomy, which really is false.

Priapus in reality was the god of fertility. Instead of the other gods of Olympus, he was ugly and deformed, his only advantage was the big phallus he had.

Priapus was the son of Bacchus (or Adonis) and Venus. Venus's mother learning that her daughter was pregnant threw a spell that gave birth to a deformed child, very ugly but whose manhood was huge. Venus abandoned her monstrous child who was educated at Lampsacus'.

As an adult, this son of gods, began to woo the women of the city and although ugly and deformed, had great success particularly among unsatisfied and married women. But the jealous husbands chased him out of the city. They were punished by the gods and a sexual disease stuck their manhood. Priapus was recalled by the city and a cult was made.

Priapus was worshiped in various cities of Greece and Rome. Parties were organized with women ready for marrying. Still visible in the city of Priapis are the ruins of an Apollo's temple well-named Priapesaeus. The inhabitants retained Priapesaeus as the emblem of fertility and linked him to the sun. In Rome, women were used to made offerings to a huge stone phallus symbolizing the god Priapus: they put around it so many wreaths as their lovers made them love.

In fact the symbol of the phallus was honored by almost all religions of Antiquity as the symbol of fertility according to various rites.
The cult of the phallus was so important that it was also erected as steles on some tombs of great dignitaries: the phallus on their graves represented the "one who stands in the hereafter, in the uncreated power, as he stands here on earth, being procreator after being procreated".

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