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ANOTHER CASE OF CANNIBALISM... April 15, 2012 - Brazil - Jorge da Silveira, 51, Isabel Pires, 51, and Bruna da Silva, 25 years have killed three women and ate their flesh. The victims have been slaughtered and butchered like lambs. Da Silveira asserts that as a ritual he does not use their blood and poured their flesh into water for purification before cooking and eating them.

He chose his victims on the basis of the numbers of their ID card "that gave somewhere the cursed number 666" after his wife falsely recruited them for a job.

But worse is to follow as they used the leftover meat to make savory donuts they tried to sell. They proposed this cooking to their neighbors in the building where they lived but the pestilential smell pervading the premises did not induce the neighbors to buy the donuts. That is why they sold them in the streets of Garanhuns, a city 230 km from Recife, the capital of Pernambuco.

This horrible event disgusts of donuts for ever...
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