STRANGE LINK BETWEEN BREIVIK AND HESS... Dec.3-2011 - On July 21, 2011 the remains of Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess were exhumed in Germany, cremated, and secretly scattered at sea. On July 23, 2011 Anders Behring Breivik, performed a massacre in Sweden: he was the first mass killer of Sweden killing 77 people. During his trial, on Nov.2011, Breivik has been recognized as a phychotic, that condems him for the rest of his life at the secret into an asylum. Apart from the dates very close of these two macabre events, it seems there is no common element at first but there is one however... and it is very strange. Is the disappearance of Hess' remains influenced Breivik? But in what manner ?

The Washington Post reported that Breivik in his diary says that he was approached by the Christian military Order of the Templars for going in crusade for defending the West. But who knows that Rudolf Hess claimed the same thing: that since his adolescence he has been a member of the New Order of the Knights Templar in charge of defending the West. Is it a coincidence or the frenzy of insanes ?

It is strange however that Breivik just operated the swedish massacre two days after Germany gets rid of Hess's remains ... Everyone will have his own interpretation: either being ok with the psychiatrists, or believing into an international conspiracy of a millennium black order or because Breivik knew Rudolf Hess's biography, or because it's a recurring Nazi theme or at last, convinced of the intervention of some occult forces taking possession of a soul because a dead may also refuse to disapear from our world for ever...

Speculations are open... but when visiting, you already have the aswer for what you are searching for: in fact, be carefull my dears, because some people, even if they are dead ... can always come back ... under another form, in another place, another time... because our world is only a raw material to reuse for them.

Sleep well... simply be carefull that a succubus does not take possession of your soul when you are asleep.

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