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WIZARD OR MAGICIAN? Oct.-15, 2011 - Want to be a wizard, a witch or a magician for the feast of Halloween, my little creatures? Do you know what is the difference between a wizard/a witch and a magician?

Magic is distinguished from sorcery by the fact it is not a sum of receipts, but a spiritual realization. And so, sorcery would be only the written or oral transmission more or less just of the secrecies of magic. It is a kind of popularization.

Compared to sorcery, magic is a general concept of the world, a comprehensive and total knowledge of a system of thought. The true magic is a spiritual engagement, a work on oneself, the work of a whole life. It consists in contacting the universal soul and through it to dominate and handle all the spiritual forces. This capacity requires that man masters himself, controls his instincts which will enable him to develop his magic capacities that everyone possesses in a latent state.

One can be a wizard/witch and illiterate but one cannot be a magician and illiterate!

The magician receives unceasingly indices of the world. Ordinary people call these indices coincidences. For a magician coincidences do not existů

But what is a magician? A human being who is not simply defined by his magic abilities than his capacity to transform your life. They are the holders of an universal wisdom without being slave of a Master-god.

He unveils the sense of his life devoted to the deepest enigma, those ones of mortality and immortality. Magicians are clearsight... They see reality as an unity far beyond its countless facets.

When we think about some famous magic western figures, we think generally about Merlin who is a legendary character widely seen as a beneficent druid and powerfull magician: he educated the young King Arthur teaching him about the sense of life and generally threw charms to counteract the evil.

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