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LIVING FOR A BETTER REVIVAL May 6th, 2011 - Since men exist, the concept of life after death has been a general belief around the world: reincarnation for Hinduists and Buddhists, travel towards the Kingdom of Death for the antic Egyptians or into an underworld for the antic Greeks, transportation into the netherworld paradise of Tlalocana for Mesoamericans, or the heaven, purgatory or inferno of the Christians, or again a garden full of honey and virgins for Moslems.

It is only with the advent of the XXth century, that death was assimilated to destruction and specially in western cultures. This phenomenal change of mind induced a lost of spiritualism and an unrestrained human quest for materialism without any concern about their future and their own death.

As disillusion in materialism leaves a bitter taste in the mouth in this beginning of XXIth century, one sees imperceptibly a return to spirituality between people around the world.

The return to religion where people refuge again for finding hope, the sensitive or the medium who converse with some deads, the example of families who see some apparition of a parent and those experiments of scientists about life after death may teach us that it is imperative for a revival that human brain and by extension soul, keeps itself in good health that-is-to say in a state of wakefullness during its terrestrial life. Indeed, it is generally admitted by the spiritists that people who died suddenly, life and mind cut in action, in full possession and with all capacity of their mind are prompter to return and so to revive than those ones whose life extincted as a candle. For those who believe in haunted houses, there is an extraordinary number of testimonies who describe apparitions performing the same actions they do before their death and supranatural manifestations in some places where dynamic, fierce or violent actions happened. These examples show the power of life so tempestuous that in some cases, it cannot stop with death.

And it is why we thought it would be useful to be able to talk here about the necessary quality of intellectual and/or spiritual life which prepares without fail to death and why not? to the passage of an afterlife.

Nowadays, medecine had made great progress and we assist to human prolongation of life and more and more people arrive to more than one hundred years. This week again the last of the combatants of the first war 1914-1918, who was an English, died in Australia, at 110 years old. But in which health condition? Indeed, it is not given to everyone to age in a intellectual good state and too often, old persons end with a body and a brain as a vegetable. Imperceptibly, a great number of people ages by leaving apart their brain chosing for surviving a long time to develop their gregarious instinct of conservation which reduces gradually their intellectual faculties untill the end.

And it is an error because they arrive at the end of life without having the capacity to understand what could be their last travel and the step to other states of consciousness. And so, it is sad to see more and more people intellectually exhausted who end as candles which could not be relit any more.

There are no miraculous formulae for revival: someone will find it in faith, others by strengthening a brilliant intellect, others by doing humanitarian actions... The only thing they share is that curiosity which pushs for knowing always something new, to push the limits and titillate the brain and which by extension will push us to have the courage to make the great jump… living under another form, on another level or way and why not? to revive.

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