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DYBBUK IN LOVE Feb. 7th, 2011 - The Hebraic folklore reports many cases of devilish spirits able to possess the body of a man or that one of a woman. This kind of spirit, called "dybbuk" is often the soul of a person deceased. The dybbuk lives literally into the body of the alive which he possesses and acts through this body.

Sometimes, when death separates a young couple which was particularly linked by a strong love, it occurs thus that the soul of the dead left his tomb. Such a soul penetrates then in the body of the beloved remained alone and so, young people have a get-together again and that for ever.

A dybbuk can also penetrate in the body of some perfectly respectable members of a community and force them to perform so strange things thatů people around them suspect they are going crazy.

A dybbuk can be exorcized only by one prayer having a high emotional capacity and saying by a saint man. If the prayer is effective, then the dybbuk is driven out and it is necessary for him to turn back to the tomb which he has left.

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