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HAUNTED HOUSE An "haunted house" is a house where unexplainable noises are heard and where objects move themselves.

Far beyond mystification, legend or trickery, real haunted houses exist around the world.

In such houses, plates fly, doors open and are closed all alone. One hears also strong noises of unknown origin. Some times, hoarsed voices rise , becoming increasingly clear little by little.

If you live in such a house and that you are sure that there is no trickery, so be sure your house is haunted!

The Italian parasychologist, Ernesto Bozzano (1862-1943) tries to prove the theory spiritist according to which the deads would be at the origin of these unusual phenomena. He studied 532 cases of haunted houses and find 374 as genuine. He wrote his observations in the work:

Dei casi d'identificazione spiritica (1882)

The French astronomer, Camille Flammarion, reported such cases in:

Les Maisons Hantées (1923)

If you don't go on believing in these phenomena, try to visit some famous ones and make your own opinion. Haunted houses exist in every country.

In the States and England, the belief is so anchored in the opinion, that there are also tourists tours for visiting real and false attraction ones.

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