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THE REBIRTH OF EGYPT Oct. 2nd, 2010 - Since Antiquity has been forged the idea that the country of the Nile was the source of any wisdom and the cradle of the hermetist knowledge. The traveller who visited Egypt in Antiquity, Middle Ages and in Modern times was filled with wonder especially discovering the pyramids of Giza.

Abū Ma'shar (787-886), astrologer at his times, reported that the erection of the pyramids was due to a dream of King Surid's. Abū Dja ' far Al-Idrīsī (1173-1251) sets that the pyramids was one of the most extraordinary things of the world and that the believer has to see them. He counts also a major part of informations indicating that the building of the pyramids was performed before the flood. Even his friend Al-Halabī (1267) links their erection to the pre-Adamites, i.e to the first inhabitants, before the Bible. Maqrīsī (1364-1442) confirms that the pyramids were set up by king Surid for preventing from the flood and that they were filled of "talismans, wonders, treasures, idols and of the remains of their kings" so that the material and spiritual richnesses of the Ancients can be preserved of the flood.

At the end of the Middle Ages, compilations of old texts translated by Europeans and Arabs and copied by diligent monks, provided the foundations of the Rebirth in Europe and starting from this period, the force of attraction of Egypt exerted itself on the spiritual story of Europe in an uninterrupted way. Not only alchemy, but astrology and other occult sciences claim from Egypt but also secret brotherhoods were nourished of its influence.

There are still a few dozens years, the lid weighing of the academic history refused that it would be revealed that the Sphynx, the guardian statue of the pyramids, had some parts of its rock body older than the others which carried undeniable traces of erosion due to the water.

Today, archaeology makes progressing the traditional academic history and shows that the temples of Karnak, on a bank of the Nile, were formely surrounded by water and that insects bodies attest there were antic orchards in the current deserts of the Middle-Egypt. and also, that the former Egyptians had to deal with the same phenomena climate change we are facing nowadays.

In September 2010, a conference held in Cairo about: "Archaeology of landscape", the first of this kind in Egypt, grouping nearly 200 researchers of 25 countries which try -thanks to geoarchelogy- to allow a better understanding of the adaptations of the Ancients Egyptians as regards to nature, in order to take lessons for the future.

Considering the current climate warming which threatens because coast erosion and unfertile grounds progression (inducing future exodus and people migrations) Yahia Shawkat from of the American university in Cairo points out that "understanding better how ancient societies adapted themselves to the change of climate will be able to better prepare us to the current challenges and futures which threaten the delta".

From now on, the integrating thought of the Old Egypt seems more than ever to deal with the unity of nature as regards of the environmental problems. After the Ancient Egypt, the Pharaonic one, the Esoteric one, the Alchemist one, the Hermetist-Esoteric one, the Scientific Egyptology, here is that Egypt attraction touchs a new era of influence announcing itself as a renew lighthouse for humanity.

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