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LA LLORONA's SPELL Sept. 25, 2010 - Considering the families' suffering of the 33 Chilean miners trapped into a chilian mine, buried alive into a deep mine hole, since 5 August, here is below a simple spell to perform for helping them and allieving the suffering of their families waiting for their return. It requires simply that all the wifes, mothers and daughters of the trapped people perform together the following:

- Each wife, mother and daugher will recover as much as possible their tears into a clean piece of fabric,

- Their tears have to be absolutely sincere,

- They will cry in a piece of fabric, free of synthethic,

- Wriging the wet cloth, they will collect the liquid into a stone container,

- A part of their tears will be reserved for their husband/companion, son or father, the other part will be poured in common with the other tears of the women in despair,

- With their own part of tears, their will make a talisman using a medallion of the Virgin Mary soaked in their tears, then let dry naturally and carefully coated into the dried piece of fabric, then bent as a classic scarpula.

- They will recite the following spell : "For X... (name the person), living in ... (name the adress), that I/we want to preserve from all bad fate, for X..., (repeat once) vassis atatlos vesul etcremus, vero san hergo diboliā herbonos, vassis atalos, vassis atalos, vassis, vassis, vassis." To repeat 3 times.

- If possible, this talisman will be transmitted to the concerned prisoner, using the admitted authorized and legal means of transmission and communication.

- The man inside the hole who will receive this talisman has to bring it as a scapular between his clothes and torso (this scapular has to be destroyed by fire in one year).

- For the other part of tears, it will be put in common with all the tears of all the women, mothers and daughters in a large stone container.

- The volume of liquid composed of all the tears of the women will be sufficient to be poured, little by little, as a circle, surrounding the mine where are the prisoners.

- After the circle is closed, outside it, all the women will recited together an "Ave" and finish by a sign of the cross.

- Then, they will leave the site and go to home in order the charm operates.

This spell can be carried out for any buried alive people whatever his faith, origin and localization.

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