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VOLCANO April.20,10 - The icelandic volcano of which the black cloud of particles spreads over Europe seems nowadays to make re-appear some former anciant gods.

Since one week, all the airports of the northern zone hemisphere have been paralyzed and thousands and thousands of passengers unabling to return to their country are calling for help for being repatriated. For one week the European media have spoken about chaos and exceptional climatic conditions due to the eruption of one volcano in Iceland. The Air Companies and more generally the economy of transport are moaning on the TV screens and radios about this situation seeing each day their finances degrading and all these upheavals because of … one volcano.

Since times, volcanic eruptions have been regarded by people as a mark of the anger of the gods. Each volcano has its own character and whatever are their type, they cause at the same time fear and respect.

Xiuhteculhtli, the Aztec god of the Hearth and the Sun, was also that of the Volcanos and incarnated at the same time pleasure and pain. Pélé, Hawaian goddess of the Volcanos remains still today a divinity with devastator angers. The former Romans knew very well the terrible Vulcano which was the name of the forging mill of Vulcan, roman god of the fire which manufactured there the flashes of the lightnings of Jupiter, god of the sky and the weapons of March, god of the war. In Japan, the monks yamabushis practised the goma, the rite of fire which allowed to alleviate the anger of Fudo Myo-O, the god of catastrophes, war, seisms and fire.

On the contrary of the christian religions whose candles lit are symbolizing the presence of Divine and represents life and hope, the volcano constitutes an universal symbol of power, divine anger or truth, that one of the uncontrollable forces of nature responsible at the same time for destruction and revival, Creation and Apocalypse, strong emotions, conflicts and war and consequently chaos.

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