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SPELL FOR RECONSTRUCTION When the world has collapsed, when hope has disappeared and that life becomes unbearable, when the background itself seems to vanish from the horizon, then... it will remain only the surge of the verb... i.e. the ritual recitation of some words and sounds which are believed to have a magical effect.

Here is a simple conjuration extracted from the magic book alloted to pope Honorius III (edited in 1670):

1) Enumerating the 72 blessed names of god:
Trinitas, Sother, Meffias, Emmanuel, Sabahot, Adonay, Athanos, Jesu, Pentagna, Agragon, Ischires, Eleyson, Oheos, Tetragrammaton, Ely, Saday, Aquila, Magnus Homo, Visio, Flos, Origo, Salvator, Alpha et Omega, Primus, Novissimus, Principium et finis, Primogenitus, Sapienta, Virtus, Paracletus, Via, Veritas, Vita, Mediator, Medicus, Salus, Agnus, Ovis, Viculus, Spes, Aries, Leo, Lux, Imago, Panis, Janua, Petra, Sponsa, Pastor, Propheta, Sacerdos, Sanctus, Immortalis, Jesus-Christus, Pater, Filius, Hominis, Sanctus Pater, Omnipotens, Deus, Agios, Resurrectio, Mischeros, Charitas, AEternus, Creator, Redemptor, Unitas, Summum bonum infinitas.
End: Amen.

2) Making an amulet for protection:
You'll make a simple amulet that will be carried under your clothing or around the neck. The amulet will be composed of a a small fabric purse of the color of your zodiacal sign. It will contain one or more small object(s) (plant, stone, fabric, photo, perfume, image, hair…) which are of importance for you and are specially attached to happy records of your life. You will avoid particularly all bad records linked to death or illness. This purse will be carried hidden under your clothing near your skin. This amulet can also be used to protect young children. In this case, one will add to it judicious local plants having natural virtues for protecting against diseases. (by example for the Mediterranean basin: thyme, rosemary, lavender…).

Hope these simple and accessible spells will help you to carry your burden and relieve your pains.

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