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IS DEATH THE END? Nov. 12nd, 2009 - The unknown world really does lie just beyond the material world. You are not as ordinary as you think and the day comes when you realize, as you surely must, that no man is totally secure and that the edge of the world beyond this world is just a step beyond the familiar and comfortable world you live in.

Occasionally, you enter an empty room and something tells you it is not empty, that someone or something lies in hiding, watching... but the feeling is dismissed as imagination. You wonder. Could it be that at such times, you are close to something that is not of this world?

For science, nothing exists outside the material world. Spirit... is let to believers, mystics, dreamers and spiritualists. For science, there is not other reality than the body, this set of flesh and bones which composes man and which ends at his death, breaking up in a worsenning of chemical components which was once a sign of human life and intelligence.

So then, from an human being, it remains only some elements disintegrated. And for some ones, the question is to discover if the putrefaction of the human atoms destroys also ipso facto the individual or if this last one persists, according particular cases and/or circumstances, quite enough less or more after his death.

From now on, some scientists agree that together with the apparent act of death of an human being, his individual existence really has not been broken off till the complete desintegration of all his organic components.

And so, here is that a kind of "life" survives... after death...
But what sort of life ?
Surely not the kind of life we know and understand in the material world!

At's, we know that since a long... long time.

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