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ATTACK OF KILLER WASPS Sept.09 - When somebody tries to talk about end of the world, suddenly images of war, cataclysm, tsunami, earthquakes, pollution come to our memories... but if you think that end of the world is synonymous of big and sudden disasters... you are completely wrong!

End of the world could simply come from very little things which seem so unsignificant... but are so insidious and mortal.

You will ask: "Which small things?"

The answer: WASPS!!!

Since this summer in this gentle garden which is France, horror movies have becoming reality with the invasion of a dangerous insect: the "Vespa velutina" that French people are called the "Killer Wasp", also the "Asian Wasp". It is smaller than the european wasp but more dangerous for human beings and also for the peacefull insects of the european countryside. The adult is approximately 30mm long with a brown dark thorax and is only the 4th segment which carries a broad yellow orange band .

In August 17th, in the village of Sainte-Vite (Lot-et-Garonne) South West of France, a French family of 6 members, walking peacefully have been suddenly attacked by a colony of these dangerous wasps. It is not an unic case. Since now, adults, children and babies have been attacked and consequently, hospitalized.

These insects has been introduced in France since 2000, probably with the exportation of a chinese cargo in the harbour of Bordeaux and from now on, they are spreading dangerously over France but also over Europe. In September 16th, Austrian marathon runners have been attacked by a swarm of these particular wasps which have met for the moment no natural predators in Europe.

But more terrible, is that these killer wasps are destroying completely the european bees which are responsible for 70% of the animal pollination necessary for the cultures. The killer wasps cut the head of the bees and keep the thorax to feed their nests with the honey inside. Somes nests discovered and destroyed have reached a diameter of 80 cm.

"If our bees are condemned, our planet is condemned too" asserts the Deputy of the province of Isère who is at the origin of a commission of investigation at the French National Assembly about «the causes of the sumortality of bees in the French apiaries». He comes supported by 40 deputies.

And indeed, for a long time, farmers are considering pollination as one of many of the "free services" offered by mother Nature. In the opinion of farmers, ecologists and specialized scientists, if bees species disappear, together with pollution threat, it will be the accelerator of the disappereance of vegetables species and consequently, little by little, the end of nature itself with worldwide famines and at last, the end of the living world.

At's, we know that reality is worse than your worst nightmare!

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